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The Social Media Trap That We Can Learn to Avoid

“The Social Dilemma” documentary had neglected a crucial element: The comparison that has been amplified through social media and is debilitating us all

“I will not reason and compare; my business is to create”.
~William Blake

A known secret we preferred to ignore

“The Social Dilemma” trailer

Pausing instead of eliminating comparison

“Change your perception. Growth is not only about the numbers; it is also about how well we perform our job, how fulfilled we are while working, and how happy we tend to feel while at work. But remember to be realistic: No one is constantly happy, no matter how it looks like on social media.”
~ ”Burning Out Won’t Get You There”

Author of “Burning Out Won’t Get You There”. Co-Founder & CEO of Enkindle Global. Never say “no” to coffee & good conversations

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